I knew the British government was greedy. incompetent, selfish, stupid, corrupt, but I didn’t think they were genuinely evil… or at least kidded myself on that they weren’t

And that’s what openly supporting a genocide is. Evil, and l use the word evil as a very committed atheist who doesn’t believe in heaven and hell, but does believe that we have a very short time to enjoy this amazing world and having it taken away by an army controlled by delusional nut case like Netanyahu… is evil.

The fact the UK is supporting this makes me fucking sick, it only takes a basic knowledge of history to recognise a genocide, and to ignore it is madness.

And yes what happened in Israel was horrific as well, I just don’t see how the reaction helps anyone. Once again, a basic knowledge of history tells you it doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell of having any positive effect on anything. It will only make the world a worse place for generations to come.