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Umm. Wanted to love this one but it’s left me feeling a bit cold tbh. It certainly a unique film, but the zany charm gets kinda lost as the story goes around it circles.

Dunno what exactly I’m thinking, might have to watch it again. (Dammit this is how they get you.)

Never read the book but I gather they reset the bits in Glasgow to London for the film. Whoever made that decision is herby banned from ever setting foot in Scotland again. Apart from Aberdeen. The film industry at large clearly still thinks we are only good for films about druggies. Go fuck yourselfs with a rake. Then go watch under the skin that was great.

Anyway. Three stars until I make my mind up.

[edit] Ok I think I’ve figured out why I walked out a bit meh, parts of the film felt like a facad… facade...parts of the film felt like a shite front of a fancy building. But I don’t mean that in an art direction sense. Take one moment where bella sees something sad and spoiler free. The stunning visuals where stunning away, the actors where actoring their wee hearts out, the music was souring. the film shouting FEEL EMOTIONS at me but I’m sitting there going ….”did we skip a few pages in the script here?”

Now this doesn’t apply to the whole film but I definitely felt that a few times. Even the ending in the spoiler free place had this effect on me. Maybe this is another case of trying to cram a whole book down to film length and the dangers within.